A Gardin for Delights - English Lutesongs from the Renaissance

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Thomas Ford: There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind

Robert Jones: Love is A Bable

- There Was A Wyly Ladde

Philip Rosseter: When Laura Smiles

- What Then Is Love But Mourning?

Thomas ampian: All Looks Be Pale

- Jacke And Jone

- Thrice Tosse These Oaken Ahes

John Bartlet: Of All The Birds

Francais Pilkington: Rest, Sweet Nymphs

Thomas Morley: It Was A Lover And His Lass

- Thyrsis And Milla

- Come, Sorrow, Come

John Dowland: The Lowest Trees Have Tops

- Unquiet Thoughts

- Can She Excuse My Wrongs?

- Love Those Beams

- Wilt Thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me?

- In Darkness Let Me Dwell

Ian Partridge - Tenor

Konrad Ragossnig - Laute

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