Manfred Hausmann-autograph on LP

Manfred Hausmann-autograph on LP


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Manfred Hausmann-autograph on LP


Hausmann, Manfred (Kassel, 1898-1986, Bremen), served in both the 1914-18 and the 1939-45. Wars. After completing his studies at Göttingen and Munich universities he was for a time a lecturer at Heidelberg University, a dramatic producer, a business trainee, and then a journalist (Feuilletonredakteur) with the Weserzeitung; from 1929 to 1939 he lived as a writer at Worpswede. After the 1939-45. War he was, until 1952, editor of the newspaper Weserkurier. A Protestant, he sympathized in his later years with the views of Karl Barth.

Hausmann was a prolific author, and in his twenties and thirties wrote novels of romantic vagabond life tinged with sadness, and sometimes rent by sudden tragic and horrifying events. The best known of these novels are the two Lampioon books (Lampioon küßt Mädchen und kleine Birken, 1928, and Salut gen Himmel, 1929), and the popular story of the adventures of a group of young people who take an unauthorized holiday in a yacht, Abel mit der Mundharmonika (1931). There followed the novels Abschied von der Jugend (1937) and, years after the war, Liebende leben von der Vergebung (1953). Hausmann also published several volumes of verse, beginning with Jahreszeiten (1924) and including Jahre des Lebens (1938), Alte Musik (1941), Füreinander (1946), Die Gedichte (1949), and Irrsal der Liebe (1960). He also wrote plays (chiefly after the war, including Der dunkle Reigen, 1951, the successful comedy Hafenbar, 1954, and Die Zauberin von Buxtehude, 1959), and a number of stories, which were collected in Der Überfall (1956). His works have appeared in a number of editions; Gesammelte Werke (20 vols.), 1983-8.

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